Nannycare Baby Formula

🐐✨ Nannycare: where baby potions are born from gentle goat whispers! 🍼🧚 Your mini adventurer sips nature, cradled in a lullaby of simplicity and top-tier quality. 🌿👑 From field frolics to tiny fingers, every step is a meticulous, nutrient-guarding journey 🐐🛡️ - selecting noble nibbling goats 🌾, to preserving milk treasures 🍶💎. Three enchanting formula stages 📜✨, splendidly crafted, escort your little one through each giggly growth gallop and sleepy snuggle! 🏰🚀💤 Let’s nourish some adventures! 🎉😄

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Nannycare® Goat Stage 1 (900g) Baby Formula
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Nannycare® Goat Stage 1 (900g) Baby Formula


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Nannycare® Goat Stage 2 (900g) Baby Formula


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Nannycare® Goat Stage 3 (900g) Toddler Formula
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Nannycare® Goat Stage 3 (900g) Toddler Formula


Why buy Nannycare Baby Formula?

Nannycare infant formula is the most famous goat milk formula in the UK, providing excellent ingredients, wholesome nutrition, and easily digested A2 (beta-casein) goat milk proteins that benefit infants to toddlers.

Located in New Zealand and family-run for nearly 30 years, Nannycare was the first company to introduce goat milk formula into the mainstream, helping establish new legislation in the EU and UK and becoming widely available throughout Europe for the past eight years. 

Nannycare is the first significant goat milk baby formula widely available in New Zealand and Europe, using only high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients, stringent ingredient sourcing, and providing science-backed nutrition for all babies. 

Nannycare Brand History

In the early 1990s, the founders of Nannycare were inspired by the idea that parents deserved a genuine choice of breast milk alternatives rather than being restricted to cow’s milk-based formula.

During a trip across New Zealand, the designers of Nannycare chanced upon the world’s first goat milk-based formula. The unique product and the factual similarities of breastmilk struck them. The idea of an alternative to cow milk-based formulas gave rise to the Nannycare brand. 

At this time, in Europe and the UK, the legislation still had restrictions limiting the choice to cow’s milk-based only. Nannycare passionately believed in the importance of choice for all families, so they spent decades investing in research and clinical trials to bring regulatory changes to the EU & UK.

In March 2014, Nannycare succeeded, and to this day, Nannycare continues to invest in goat milk formula research. This family-owned and operated business is now widely renowned as the top goat milk formula in the U.K.

Nannycare Formula: European Infant Regulation

Nannycare formulas are not registered as organic; however, Nannycare is regulated to strict European Union baby formula standards.

European infant regulations ensure all infants have a formula that supports their developmental and digestive needs healthily and nutritionally.  Farm-to-bottle, EU infant nutrition regulations have a system of checks and balances ensuring that there is never a trace of pesticides, chemical additives, or toxic ingredients. 

Strict rules and standards provide that each European baby formula only uses clean, pure ingredients manufactured and produced to guarantee that the animals, land, and community are all respected. Due to these regulations, Nannycare will never see a trace of 

harmful chemicals, toxic ingredients, or heavy metals.

Nannycare Goat Milk Formula Ingredients

Each bottle of Nannycare is guaranteed to be filled with only the finest goat milk. Each can is designed with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for infant development.

Nannycare formulas are high in DHA and Omega-3, ethically sourced from fish oil crucial for brain and eye development. Nannycare formulas are all starch-free and do not contain any palm oil.

Whole Goat Milk 

As specialists in goat milk, Nannycare knows what it takes to make the best quality milk suited especially for baby and toddler formula. The whole goat milk in Nannycare comes only from specialist farms producing goat milk exclusively for Nannycare stages. 

Using full-fat, Nannycare can reduce vegetable oils and choose ecologically cleaner fats. 

No Palm Oil, No Coconut Oil

Nannycare does not use palm or coconut oil in its stages. 

Instead, Nannycare uses a blend of sustainable vegetable oils. By leaving out palm oil and coconut oil, Nannycare is friendlier to babies that may have food allergies, increases calcium absorption in babies, and protects areas from deforestation and damage to habitats worldwide.


Nannycare uses fish oil as a DHA source, rather than DHA extracted from algae, often extracted using harsh chemicals like hexane. 

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated that aid in improving infant cognitive function, visual acuity, motor skills, behavior, or language development. There is also evidence that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids influence immunity and promote the soothing of inflammation.

Natural Prebiotics

Goat milk naturally contains a higher level of oligosaccharides than cow's milk. Nannycare goat milk contains ten times more oligosaccharides, and natural prebiotics, with greater diversity.

Nannycare Formula Stages

Every stage of Nannycare baby formula contains the same primary ingredient: 100% natural, full cream, premium goat milk. Nannycare sources its goat milk from a cooperative of 71 farmers who own rich pastures across New Zealand. These farmers focus solely on producing the best-quality milk, designed strictly for baby formula use.

Nannycare Infant Formula

  • Soft & gentle baby formula made with fresh whole goat milk intended to keep this early formula closer to its natural source to support early development. 

Nannycare Stage 1 is trusted nutrition that has no-compromise ingredients. Intended to be used from birth as the sole source of nutrition or as the perfect complement to breastfeeding. 

Nannycare Follow-On Formula

  • Baby’s nutritional needs increase at six months as they begin weaning and transition onto solid foods. 

Nannycare Stage 2 is ready to serve your baby’s dietary needs starting at six months. This Follow-on Milk has higher levels of Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and iron than Stage 1. Perfect for introducing solid food to your older baby's diet.

Nannycare Toddler Formula 

  • The ideal companion for a growing solid food diet. Mix this stage with infant cereals and baby purees, or introduce it in a cup. 

Nannycare Stage 3 is very similar to the second Nannycare stage, with a few minor changes. First, Stage 3 omits Mortierella Alpina oil, which also means it drops to what appears to be a negligible level of Omega-6 AA. Second, there is increased iron, calcium, and phosphorous content.

Nannycare Goat Milk Formulas 

Nannycare has three stages to serve little ones from birth through toddlerhood. Each formula is designed to meet physical and cognitive development with the right balance of nutrients. 

A2 Milk

The different protein composition of cow’s and goat milk affects how milk breaks down in your infant's digestive system. Goat milk curds are naturally softer and smaller than those formed by cow’s milk. 

The softness of the curd can vary in goat milk, which is why Nannycare only uses their specially-suited goat milk, where the quality and consistency of the milk are designed and closely monitored only for use in Nannycare baby milk.

Nannycare Ingredients

One of the fantastic aspects of Nannycare formulas is that they deliver the best A2 milk nutrition while keeping out all unwanted ingredients.

Nannycare has no starches or maltodextrin, palm, coconut oil or soybean oils, or added sugars or corn syrup solids.

Nannycare Goat Milk Formula stages include: 

Nannycare Goat Comparison Table

Nannycare has designed award-winning gentle nutrition digestion that delivers the best A2 milk nutrition while keeping out all unwanted ingredients.

Nannycare Goat Milk Formula: Award Winning

Families, experts, and innovators have noticed the stand out nutrition of Nannycare goat milk. Winner of multiple awards and accolades, this is baby formula that shines!

Why Families Love Nannycare Baby Formula

Nannycare produces goat milk of the highest caliber in every can of their infant and toddler formula. To achieve this, Nannycare raises their goats to produce milk specifically suited for infant and toddler formula.

Nannycare goats are carefully chosen and thrive on locally grown grass and natural pasture plants such as clover and lucerne. This detail ensures that Nannycare milk is sourced sustainably while having the highest welfare standards to create baby milk closer to its natural source.