Kendamil Organic Baby Formula

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Kendamil Organic Stage 1 (800g) Baby Formula
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Kendamil Organic Stage 1 (800g) Baby Formula


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Kendamil Organic Stage 2 (800g) Baby Formula


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Kendamil Classic Stage 1 (800g) Baby Formula


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Kendamil Organic Infant Formula

Kendamil is the only infant formula made in the United Kingdom. Built on over 58 years of expertise in infant nutrition and located in the heart of the English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kendamil is a family business committed to providing traceable and sustainable nutrition from farm to formula.

Kendamil innovates with a single purpose – your little one. Kendamil’s scientists have dedicated their lives to studying early life nutrition and developing the most uncompromising, nutritionally advanced formulations as close to breastmilk as possible. 

Every can of Kendamil formula is designed, formulated, and hand-crafted in-house. Kendamil works with 220 local organic farms to source the highest quality ingredients. 

This collaboration enables Kendamil to include an unprecedentedly high level of natural mammal fats and a whole-milk formula that is both palm oil free and vegetarian-friendly.

Kendamil Brand History

Kendamil is a family business committed to developing the world’s most premium, natural, traceable, and sustainable organic formulation. Kendamil’s unique advantages trace back to the founder’s commitment to sustainability. 

As a farmer, Ross McMahon was passionate about developing premium infant formula, exclusively using local, traceable ingredients to guarantee quality from seed to bottle. He partnered with Steve McCann, an industry expert with over 40 years of experience in infant formulations, to create Kendamil in 2016.

This innovation became a reality as Kendamil worked hand-in-hand with 220 local organic farms around the English Lake District to meet the highest standards of organic farming, animal welfare, and milk quality. This collaboration enables Kendamil to include the industry’s highest levels of natural mammal fats.

Kendamil Formula: European Organic and Red Tractor Certification

The European Union Organic certification has a set of strict standards that must be adhered to for a baby formula can be considered organic. Easily identified by the EU organic logo displayed on the packaging to signify that all regulations have been met as organic according to the stipulated rules.

    • For a product to become EU Organic Certified, at least 95% of the agricultural ingredients must be organic, and the other 5% follow additional strict conditions set by the EU.

Under organic production rules, several principles are implemented to protect and maintain biodiversity and strengthen customers' organic products. 

    • These principles include prohibiting GMOs and hormones and restricting using artificial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics other than medical necessity. 

To support the health of the sources needed to grow vital, healthy crops such as soil, plants, and animals, farmers adapt certain agricultural practices.

    • This includes crop rotation, prohibiting the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers, preventing overstocking, and encouraging the natural immunological defense of animals and pest control.

There are also several rules in place to support the health and well-being of livestock while abiding by organic principles. 

  • Organic farmers must feed their animals 100% organic and restrict the use of hormones while providing them with open grazing areas and suitable housing conditions. 

Red Tractor Certification

As the only British baby milk and thanks to their strong heritage and support of local dairy farmers, each Kendamil range has been awarded the ‘Red Tractor accreditation.

  • UK’s largest food and farming scheme, and since we were founded in 2000,
  • Assurance covers the entire food supply chain
  • 350 independent inspectors to ensure the most robust assessments possible

Red Tractor inspectors are all appropriately trained and sufficiently experienced – together, they conduct over 60,000 inspections a year.

The Red Tractor logo can only be used on food produced, transported, stored, and packed according to Red Tractor standards and licensing rules. A panel of experts has agreed to the criteria in all farming sectors to ensure that all measures are as robust as possible.

EU and British Soil Association Certified Organic

Founded in 1946 out of concern about the health implications of increasingly intensive farming systems following the Second World War. The soil association focuses on the health of the soil, plants, animals, and people working altogether.  

  • Decrease the loss of soil through erosion and depletion.
  • Increase the nutritional quality of food
  • Eradicate the exploitation of animals
  • Have only a positive impact on the countryside and wildlife

Kendamil Formula Organic and Classic Ingredients

Kendamil has successfully created powdered formulas full of essential nutrients naturally found in breast milk.

Kendamil processes raw EU-certified organic milk into formula powder at their very own facilities. This ensures that no unnecessary heat treatments are performed by a third party that would degrade the milk's vitamin and protein content. 

Whole Milk Fats

Kendamil starts with whole milk as the primary ingredient and a source of fat in each formula. Choosing to use animal milk in this way gives Kendamil many advantages, starting with the taste. 

Kendamil has a naturally creamy taste that many families have said is close to the hind milk of nursing mothers. 

Most infant formulas today use skim milk with added vegetable fats to match breastmilk and meet WHO guidelines; by using full-fat, Kendamil can reduce vegetable oils and be pickier with the oils they use. 

Palm-Oil Free

A significant benefit of Kendamil using all-natural, full-cream mammal milk fat rather than skim milk is avoiding palm oil entirely. 

The fat in whole milk has a high concentration of medium-chain triglycerides (like breast milk), which aids in calcium absorption and easy digestion and fat absorption. It can minimize constipation using rapeseed and sunflower oils instead and contains alpha-linoleic and linoleic acid as a supplement, making Kendamil formulas closer to breastmilk in composition.


Kendamil uniquely sources its Omega-3 DHA from plant-based pure marine algae.

Kendamil provides a non-allergen, plant-based source of essential DHA and ARA, uniquely making Kendamil suitable for vegetarians. 

The facility maintained by Kendamil does not use animal rennet in the processing or sourcing of Organic Lactose, Organic Whey, and our Organic GOS, which allows Kendamil Classic, Kendamil Organic, and Kendamil Goat products to be Halal certified.


Kendamil includes HMOs in all formula lines and is proud to be the first worldwide to offer an organic formula that contains HMOs. Kendamil firmly believes that HMOs should be part of the conversation in making current market formulas as close to breast milk as possible.

All Natural

The benefits of Kendamil baby formula are highlighted by the ingredients that are not included. GMOs, soy products, lutein, lycopene, L-methionine, added sugars, and synthetic ingredients would never be included, allowing clean nutrition to shine. 

Kendamil does include nucleotides and taurine, but unlike many other brands, these nutrients are added without using hexane. 

Kendamil Formula Stages

Kendamil is authentic, whole milk nutrition that comes as close to the gold standard as possible.  Classifying each formula according to developmental needs as well as physical age help to Kendamil mimics breast milk. 

Three different and distinct stages are nutritionally similar to colostrum, transitional, and mature milk. Quantities of specific vitamins and minerals become more or less critical during particular periods of development, as do energy requirements. 

Kendamil Infant Formulas

  • Gentle premium nutrition is necessary for delicate systems that are starting to grow and change. The highest quality ingredients and Vitamins & Minerals can not be undervalued. 

Kendamil Stage 1 is intended to be used from birth as the sole source of nutrition or as the perfect complement to breastfeeding. The highest fat ratio is found at this stage to support the earliest days. 

Kendamil Follow-On Formula

  • As babies become hungrier and naturally move toward weaning, Kendamil Follow-on formulas add iron and help the transition nutritionally. 

Kendamil Stage 2 contains higher lactose and less fat. The main difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 is the whey: casein ratio, which changes from 60:40 to 40:60. This gradual change reflects the natural changes in breastmilk and helps prepare your little one for weaning. 

Kendamil Toddler Formula 

  • Nutritionally solid to fill the gaps of a newly formed solid food diet. Perfect to be mixed with foods like cereals or mashed fruit or introduced in a cup for transition to the family table. 

Kendamil Stage 3 toddler milk contains more protein, calcium, and phosphorous than Stage 2 and has a whey: casein ratio of 80:20. 

Kendamil Baby Formulas Versions

Kendamil has three offerings to suit little ones from birth through the toddler years - Kendamil Classic, Kendamil Organic, and for sensitive systems, Kendamil Organic Goat Milk. 

Kendamil Ingredients

Hand-crafted in Europe and produced with local family farms to source milk from grass-fed cows. Kendamils unique Whole milk fats are similar to those found in breast milk, with naturally occurring MFGM supporting cognitive development.

Families will never find palm oil, soy, corn syrup, gluten, or GMOs, only ingredients that are essential for development.

Kendamil Cow’s Milk Baby Formulas

Kendamil offers two lines of European baby formula using cow’s milk as the main ingredient: Kendmail organic and Kendamil classic. The most significant difference between the Organic and Classic ranges is related to the origin of their ingredients. 

Kendamil Organic is sourced entirely from Organic farms, which make up only 1% of the world’s farms in the case of dairy. It can take over two years to convert a standard farm into an Organic one because of the changes that must be made to the land, the animal feed, and how the animals are treated. 

The outcome is better animal welfare and higher nutritional quality due to the lack of GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides. 

All Kendmail Organic formulas are certified by two of the highest regulatory systems in the world, the EU Organic Certification and the UK Soil Association. 

Kendamil Organic Formula stages include: 

Kendamil Classic follows strict European requirements exceeding all US standard baby formula regulations the benefits of what is left out of Kendamil Classic are just as significant as the red tractor-certified ingredients. All stages of Kendamil Classic formulas provide nutrition that leaves out pesticides, herbicides, or non-medical antibiotics, even in trace amounts.

Kendamil Classic Formula stages include: 

Kendamil Organic Goat Milk Formula

Goat milk formula has many benefits for all little ones but is an excellent option for little ones who do not tolerate cow’s milk protein. Goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk and is made up of the A2 casein protein. Smaller fat globules (medium chain fatty acids) ensure ease of digestion and absorption. 

In line with Kendamils ecological promise, goat milk is a sustainable alternative to cow milk, as goats require less land, water, and feed than cows to produce the same amount of milk. 

As with all variations, Kendamil Organic goat milk formula avoids GMOs, non-lactose sugars hormones, and toxic ingredients. 

Kendamil Goat Formula stages include:

Kendamil Baby Formula: Award Winning

Kendamil variations have won awards based on votes from families, experts, and influencers. 

Key features that are judged and highlighted include quality of ingredients, taste, nutritional benefits, ease of use, appeal to children, and value for money. It is no wonder Kendamil has garnered attention worldwide.

Why Families Love Kendamil Baby Formula

Kendamil is made with sustainable, organic British milk balanced with macro and micronutrients to mimic breast milk. Only pure natural ingredients are used in each stage. Families will never find toxic ingredients, palm oil, and soy products.

EU Organic and Red Tractor certification means you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting healthy, safe nutrition to support physical growth and cognitive development with every bottle.