Bébé M Baby Formula

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Why buy Bebe M Baby Formula?

Bébé M uses vegetable proteins as a sustainable commitment to your babies’ well-being and the world that they will grow up in. 

Creating an infant range without milk or soy and without gluten to meet the expectations of all babies, even the most sensitive, takes special nutrition. Bébé M has specifically developed an organic rice hydrolyzate suitable for infants and necessary to ensure protein intake in its infant formulas.

Bébé M has also contributed to creating a global agricultural sector in terms of organic rice protein. Bébé M has been carefully designed with extreme requirements to meet the expectations of all parents and allow all babies to grow well, without exception.

Formulated 100% bio-vegetable without milk, soy, gluten, or palm oil, only organic ingredients support your little ones’ healthy growth and development, which makes Bébé M the number one sensitive baby formula

Bebe M Brand History

La Mandorle is a French company established in 1989 as France’s first organic almond milk producer.

La Mandorle has been a nutritional expert on dry fruits for over 29 years. With the abundance of knowledge on the nutrient composition and nutritional potential of dry fruits, La Mandorle has developed, with the support of the French Ministry of Research, a patent of invention for the process of vegetal drinks. 

This patent differentiates La Mandorle from every other drink on the market thanks to its unique approach in terms of composition, formulation, process, digestive tolerance, and above all, nutritional values.

La Mandorle has an essential role in the ‘high nutritional quality of organic vegetal alternatives’ and is sensitive to the diet of young children. La Mandorle is committed to offering the best products with the strongest guarantees within a sustainable ecological objective.

La Mandorle’s patented cold press process enables you to respect temperature-sensitive nutrients and provide your baby the best organic baby formula

Bebe M Formula: European Organic & Agriculture Biologique Certification

  • EU Certified Organic farmers, processors, and traders must comply with strict EU requirements if they want to use the EU organic logo or label their products as organic.

  • Agriculture Biologique Certification is a voluntary process. It is open to all operators whose production, preparation, distribution, and import activities are in the scope of European and French organic regulations. 

    This organic certification covers all production levels, including seeds for cultivation, live animals, and processed agricultural products for use in your baby formula. 

Bebe M Organic Vegan Formula Ingredients

The Bébé M range results from several years of experience in bio-vegetable nutrition, developed in consultation with parents and healthcare professionals. 

100% Plant-based

Organic, 100% plant-based, based on rice protein hydrolysate, without milk or gluten, without soy or palm oil.

No Palm Oil

Bebe M does not use palm oil. Instead, coconut, almond, rapeseed, or sunflower oil provides a balanced supply of organic fatty acids. 

100% Vegan

Vitamin D intake in all Bebe M stages is thanks to vitamin D extracted from lichen, not sheep's wool. No animal products are used in any way in these formulas. 

Plant-sourced omega-3 DHA enriches each stage leaving out the fish oil

Bebe M Organic Vegan Formula Stages

Bébé M offers a formula with extreme requirements in terms of nutrition that supports babies with vegan ingredients. 

Respectful for the environment and the physiology of infants, Bébé M responds to parents who have made the choice of ecological commitment and a reasoned diet to allow a new generation of babies to grow up more responsible!

Bebe M Infant Formula

  • Bebe M plant-based formula can be used from birth with organic nutrition to support the early stages of life.

Bebe M Stage 1 is designed with the idea that breast milk is the ideal food for infants, so your choice of a breastfeeding alternative must be made of the highest quality for your child.

Bebe M Follow-On Formula

  • The babies’ weaning stage requires increased nutrition at six months.
    This baby formula is specifically designed to be used with the introduction of solid foods. 

Bebe M Stage 2 is ready to serve the busier baby needs starting at six months with higher levels of protein and iron than Stage 1. 

Bebe M Toddler Formula 

  • The ideal companion for a growing solid food diet. Mix this stage can be used throughout the 3 years. 

Bebe M Stage 3  is an excellent “3 in 1” answer to provide proteins, cereals, and natural supplements during diversification, alternating with the follow-up formula Bébé M 2, which explicitly meets the micronutrient intake of babies from 6 months.

Bebe M Organic Vegan Baby Formulas 

Bébé M is the first and foremost 100% plant-based organic formula suitable for all babies from birth through toddlerhood. Each stage is nutritionally balanced to meet the specific requirements your little one needs for healthy growth and development.

Bebe M Ingredients 

Is 100% plant-based and certified in organic farming, without milk, gluten, soy, or palm oil. Bebe M is a unique nutritional, industrial, and ecological approach to baby formula. 

The first three years are essential in life, so Bébé M has created solutions through the toddler years that will allow a new generation of babies to grow healthy and responsible. 

Bebe M Organic Vegan Formula stages include:

Bebe M Variations 

Bebe M offers vegan formula options that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and protein for healthy growth and development while catering to little ones with digestive worries and lactose allergies.

Bebe M Formula: Award-Winning Nutrition 

Bébé M is a new and innovative infant range on the infant nutrition market. Awarded the Gold Trophy for innovation at its launch, it is an organic plant-based solution, free from milk or soy, based on organic rice proteins. Bebe M was recognized by the French Society of Pediatrics in 2019 and by the Federation of Midwives of France.  

Why Families Love Bebe M Baby Formula

Bébé M has been meeting the nutritional needs of babies from 0 to 3 years old since 2013 with 100% plant-based products, gluten-free and certified organic, according to ecological commitments that respect the environment. 

With years of experience in bio-vegetable nutrition, Bébé M is the culmination of all their expertise for your baby. Everyone can consider the environmental and industrial impacts, and each stage supports improving your child's future.