Our baby formula guide will provide all the information your family needs to prepare, store, and bottle all amounts per age.

Which Baby Formulas are Covered Here?

The Milky Box proudly carries formulas for all families. Cow’s milk baby formulas, goat’s milk baby formulas, and formulas for babies with sensitivities. 

Preparation Steps for Cow’s Milk-Based and Goat’s Milk-Based Baby Formulas:

Step 1: Sterilize

Always wash and dry your hands before preparing your baby’s meal. Wash and sterilize all bottles, nipples, and caps by boiling them for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Step 2: Measure

Read the feeding chart relevant to your specific formula. Boil the needed amount of water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees C). Pour half of the water into a bottle for an individual serving.

Step 3: Prepare

Fill the scoop and level (with the back of a clean knife). Only the enclosed scoop should be used. Add the entire quantity of milk powder indicated on the table to the water. 

Close the bottle with a sterilized cap and shake vigorously until all formula powder has been dissolved and no lumps remain. We recommend placing a nipple cap over the bottle top to avoid touching it with your hands.

Step 4: Check Temperature

Baby formula is ready for feeding when it reaches body temperature (~98°F). You may cool the baby formula in the refrigerator to achieve this desired temperature, and you can test the formula on your forearm to ensure it isn't too hot. Use the formula immediately after preparation.

  • Cow's Milk-Based Formulas
  • Goat's Milk-Based Formulas
  • Rice-Based Formulas

HiPP Family of Formulas

HiPP Dutch Combiotic Organic

HiPP German Combiotic Organic

HiPP Hydrolyzed

HiPP UK Combiotic Organic

Holle Family of Formulas

Holle A2 


Holle Bio 


Premibio Family of Fomulas

Premibio Organic Cow

Kendamil Family of Formulas





Lebenswert Family of Fomulas

Lebenswert Organic 

HiPP Family of Formulas

HiPP Dutch Organic Goat 

Jovie Family of Formulas

Jovie Organic Goat 

Kabrita Family of Formulas

Kabrita European Goat 

Kendamil Family of Formulas

Kendamil Organic Goat 

Nannycare Family of Formulas

Nannycare Organic Goat

Premibio Family of Formulas

Premibio Organic Goat 

BebeM Family of Formulas

Bebe M Organic Vegan Formula  

Premibio Family of Formulas

Premibio Organic Vegan Formula

⭐ Special Note for Hydrolyzed Formulas

When making a bottle for the first time, you may notice differences compared to standard cow and breast milk formulas. This is due to the unique formulation, which is common among all hydrolyzed formulas. 

The hydrolysis process involves breaking down proteins into small pieces. You may find the prepared formula has a bitter taste and small bits, i.e., residue. These are all completely normal and safe aspects of the hydrolyzed formulas.

May we suggest the following: 

When using the formula for the first time, try to make sure your baby is hungry and thirsty

Babies tend to notice your reactions and facial expressions - try to stay positive during feeding times

If lumps form when making the formula, add the powder before adding water at 40°C for better solubility

Older babies may prefer to take baby formula or toddler milk from a covered cup

Due to the thicker consistency, feeding bottles with a variable teat are best to allow for a better flow of the formula.

Important Information:

✓ Only use the scoop provided in your baby’s formula

✓ Do not make bottles weaker or stronger than indicated by adding extra water/scoops, and do not add anything else to the milk.

✓ Do not heat a bottle in a microwave, as hot spots may occur, which could cause scalding.

Never use formulas beyond the listed expiration date. The expiration date on the formula box/tin is listed according to European standards: day/month/year

✓ Avoid storing in areas of high heat or humidity.

Preparation tips from our families to yours:

The mixed formula lasts up to 24 hours if stored in the fridge but only 2 hours if stored at room temperature.

Discard the remaining formula at the end of each feeding if it has been more than an hour from the start. Resist the urge to refrigerate a bottle once you have fed your baby from it since bacteria from your baby's mouth can still multiply in the refrigerator.

**Please note: The manufacturer may make updates to the style of the formula container or the package size at any moment without notice. Always follow the instructions on your packaging, even if they differ from the above teachings.**

Please contact our formula experts for clarification if you have any questions or concerns.