Löwenzahn® Organic Baby Formula

Tiny tots, ahoy! 🚼👋 Sail into Löwenzahn Organics, where German-engineered 🇩🇪 baby formula becomes a scrumptious sea-adventure 🌊! Dive with algae DHA 🌱, dance with organic fibers 💃, and sip boldly with EU certified organic goodness 🏅. Löwenzahn 🌼: your baby's first gulp towards a yummy, tummy-happy journey! 🍼🎉

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Löwenzahn® Organics Stage 3 (500g) Baby Formula


Löwenzahn Organics: History

Löwenzahn Organics was founded in 2016 by two determined German mothers committed to providing their babies with the best nutrition. The company follows the latest nutritional science and never compromises on sourcing or manufacturing, ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards.

Löwenzahn Organics is highly selective when choosing the ingredients for their formula, using only the highest-quality ingredients from responsible organic production. The brand takes great pride in being the world's first traceable organic baby food brand, and it is dedicated to providing complete transparency in its ingredients and production processes.

Optimal Nutrition, Family Focus

Löwenzahn Organic has always been committed to creating a company culture that is genuine, family-friendly, flexible, and equitable. They strongly value our employees' caregiving responsibilities and believe they should never have to conceal them to be taken seriously or to advance to managerial positions.

As confident entrepreneurs and founders, Löwenzahn Organic strives to be role models and empower our employees to arrange their workday in the most compatible way with their personal lives. Löwenzahn believes that this approach benefits employees and, in turn, leads to a more productive and positive workplace environment.

Löwenzahn Organics: European Organic

Löwenzahn is a brand that firmly believes in the power of organic ingredients to provide the best possible nutritional composition. They pursue this vision confidently by conducting independent laboratory tests on each product range to detect harmful substances like mineral oils, pesticides, and mycotoxins. Moreover, they leave no stone unturned and perform numerous analyses in their production facilities to ensure their products meet the highest quality standards.

EU Organic Certification follows strict regulations and guarantees quality assurance. You will never find hormones or antibiotics used at any production stage, including caring for and keeping humanly treated livestock according to breed and species. 

Löwenzahn meets the more stringent requirement of the EU, with a minimum organic content of 98%, compared to the certification process's minimum of 95% organic content.

  • Lowenzahn Formulas

Löwenzahn Organics Formula Ingredients

Löwenzahn Organics baby formulas are meticulously crafted with the highest quality EU organic skim milk, milk proteins, lactose, and vegetable oils to closely replicate the composition of breast milk. 

Each stage of the formula features an optimal 60:40 whey-to-casein ratio, similar to mature breast milk, ensuring the optimal digestion of milk protein. 

What sets Löwenzahn Organics baby formulas apart is their exceptional nutritional value. Every formula stage goes above and beyond EU standards by incorporating higher essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids, prebiotics, and amino acids, backed by the latest scientific research. Löwenzahn Organics baby formulas provide complete nutrition for babies, and their exceptional quality is unmatched.

Prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are added to the formula to serve as a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the gut, thereby improving digestion and bolstering the immune system. 

DHA/ARA: Long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and ARA) are incorporated into the formula to promote healthy brain development, motor skills, and eye health. 

Lactose: Closest to breast milk, lactose is the primary carbohydrate source due to its high digestibility.  

Essential Fatty Acids: sunflower, palm oil, and rapeseed oils are included in the formula to provide infants with essential fatty acids, such as α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which they cannot synthesize independently.

Löwenzahn Organics Baby Formula

  • EU Organic Certified
  • Nutrition to Mimic Breast Milk
  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten, Corn Syrup & Soy Free
  • Palm oil from sustainable cultivation
  • DHA & ARA promotes healthy brain development, motor skills, and eye health
  • 100% GMO-Free & Chemical Free

Löwenzahn Organics Stages

Löwenzahn Organics baby formula is more than just an excellent choice for your infant's nutritional needs; it's a premium selection that is carefully designed to cater to the unique developmental requirements of growing babies. The formula is divided into different stages, each tailored to meet your child’s needs as they grow and develop.

The first stage of our formula is specifically designed for newborns, providing all the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. As your baby grows, the second and third stages offer more complex nutrients that support cognitive, motor, and immune development. 

Löwenzahn commitment to using only the highest quality organic ingredients at each stage ensures that your baby receives all the necessary nutrients without any harmful additives. They take pride in providing your baby with the best possible start in life.

Löwenzahn Organics Infant Formulas

The first 100 days of life demand gentle, nutrient-rich formulas that help babies develop wholesome eating habits while supporting present physical and cognitive growth.

Löwenzahn Organics Pre/Stage 1 is the perfect choice for newborn babies requiring an alternative or breastmilk supplement. This formula has the highest quality organic ingredients and contains no chemicals, preservatives, added sugars, soy, or corn syrup. It also exceeds legal requirements by including more LCPs and Prebiotics (GOS) than necessary. Furthermore, the DHA in this formula is derived from algae, making it a superior choice to those containing fish oil.

Löwenzahn Organics Follow-On Formulas

A critical nutritional difference between Löwenzahn follow-on milk and Löwenzahn infant milk is that they contain significantly more iron than infant milk. These variations are intended to be given as part of a mixed diet that includes the introduction of solid food.

Löwenzahn Organic Stage 2 is a highly recommended choice for infants in their growth phase. Once your child reaches six months of age, Organic Follow-On Milk 6+ can significantly promote their overall health and development. The milk contains Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (LCPs) that are crucial in developing the brain, eyes, and immune system. 

Additionally, organic milk contains essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, lactose, and other vital elements for a baby's growth and development. The milk is derived from natural sources and is free from harmful ingredients that may affect your child's health. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and sourced from unique plants and algae, thus ensuring sustainability.

Löwenzahn Organics Toddler Formulas

Nutrition is intended to be used as a supplement to a balanced, solid food diet. Holle toddler formulas have nutrients known to be important during these essential developmental months, such as fatty acids for cognitive growth. This stage is designed for older babies starting at 10+ Months.

Löwenzahn Organic Stage 3 is a specialized milk formulated for infants over ten months old. This formula is age-appropriate micronutrients designed to satisfy infant hunger throughout the day. The formula contains two types of carbohydrates, maltodextrin and starch, essential in providing the energy required for infants to support their growth and development.

Löwenzahn Organics Formulas Versions

Löwenzahn Organics understands that every baby has unique nutritional requirements. That's why they offer a range of high-quality infant formula to cater to those specific needs. Their formula collection includes three main types: organic skim cow milk, organic whole cow milk, and organic goat milk for infants sensitive to cow milk.

Löwenzahn Organics Formulas Versions

  • Löwenzahn Organics Skim Cow Milk
  • Löwenzahn Organics Whole Cow Milk
  • Löwenzahn Organics Goat Milk

Löwenzahn Organics Traceability

Löwenzahn Organics takes commitment to quality and safety with utmost seriousness. They go above and beyond to ensure that every little one receives only the finest ingredients. Special attention is paid to the rigorous evaluation process that assesses each stage, ingredient, and product for harmful substances such as mineral oils, pesticides, and mycotoxins. When you choose Löwenzahn Organics, you can be confident that you will select a brand that prioritizes quality and safety.


Löwenzahn's innovative transparency code, found on the back of every package, allows families to easily track the origin of each raw material used in our products. With this tool, you can rest assured that you are making an informed decision about the products you bring into your home.

Löwenzahn Organics' commitment to traceability and transparency gives families confidence that their little ones are receiving safe and high-quality organic ingredients.

Löwenzahn Organics Comparison Table

Löwenzahn Organics' organic baby formulas are designed to meet your baby's nutritional needs and support their development, while adhering to strict European environmental guidelines.

Why Families Love Löwenzahn Organic

Löwenzahn takes great pride in its commitment to producing high-quality, organic nutrition sourced directly from the farm. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to ensuring that its products meet and exceed all EU standards for organic production. Löwenzahn's rigorous approach to traceability and transparency means that customers can be confident in the origin and quality of their food. The company is dedicated to providing complete transparency, from the farm to the table, so that customers can feel good about the food they consume and its impact on the environment.