HiPP Organic Toddler Formula Stage 4

HiPP’s Stage 4: Not merely toddler milk, but a creamy cruise 🚢 tailored for your petite wanderer’s nutritional escapades. Ideal for those vibrant tots 24+ months into their epic tale 📜, who find joy 😄 and calories aplenty in the realm of solid foods 🥦!

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HiPP® Kindermilch 2+ Years (600g) Toddler Formula
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HiPP® Kindermilch 2+ Years (600g) Toddler Formula


Why buy HiPP Organic Toddler Formula Stage 4?

Stage 4 formulas are designed to meet toddlers' caloric and nutritional requirements. They are equivalent to toddler milk and provide the necessary nutrients to support your toddler's growth and development. The Hipp Junior Stage 4 Milk is intended for toddlers who are 24 months or older and who receive sufficient calories from solid foods.

Hipp Junior Stage 4: Toddler Formula

Ensuring your toddler gets the proper nutrition can be daunting, but it’s much more manageable with HiPP Stage 4 Toddler Formulas. These formulas are made from organic milk from pasture-raised animals and are specifically designed to meet the expanding dietary requirements of toddlers aged 24 months or older. They provide a clean and delicious complement to solid foods, helping to fill any nutritional gaps in your child's diet.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

Hipp Stage 4 Combiotik Junior formula is a designed complete nutrition formula for children. It contains vital minerals and vitamins such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. These nutrients are essential for the healthy growth and development of children.

Calcium, Vitamin D & Iodine

During the toddler years, children require more calcium and vitamin D than adults due to their rapid growth and bone development. To meet this need, HiPP has formulated its infant formula to provide an adequate supply of both nutrients. Milk and dairy products are essential for healthy growth and development in children. HiPP children's milk provides calcium and contains iodine and natural lactic acid cultures, which benefit young children. This formula is ideal for use in a cup alongside solid nutrition to promote healthy bone development and growth in toddlers.


HiPP Organic Growing-up milk is an excellent source of iron. It is made from whole cow's milk, providing 40 times more iron than regular milk. This makes it an ideal choice to help your child meet their daily requirement for this vital nutrient.

Iron is an essential element for blood formation and cognitive development. The iron in HiPP Formula is quickly absorbed by the body, making it a highly effective supplement for your child's growth and development.

Fatty Acids

HiPP Follow-up formulas are specially formulated to provide your growing baby with the necessary Omega 3 and 6 DHA blends for developing their brain and eye tissue. The Omega 3s and 6s (DHA) combined in these formulas are derived from natural sources. These blends support your toddler’s cognitive and visual development during the critical years of life.


HiPP modifies the protein ratio in their Combiotic Stage 4 formula when your baby reaches one year of age. This formula comprises 80% casein and 20% whey, similar to cow's milk but different from breast milk. The extra casein in this formula helps support your toddler's energy levels due to their physiological development.

Cow’s Milk vs HiPP Stage 4: Which is better?

HiPP toddler formula is an excellent alternative to whole milk due to its longer shelf life. When you buy a pack of HiPP formula, you can be confident that it will last at least six months, even if it remains unopened. Once you have opened the bag, you can use the powder for up to three weeks. This makes it an excellent option for parents who want to ensure their baby's milk supply lasts longer.

In contrast, whole milk has a shorter shelf life, and once you open it, you should consume it within seven days. You may need to purchase milk more frequently, which can be inconvenient for busy parents.

Toddler formula can provide complete nutrition if your baby is a picky eater or has not yet transitioned to solid foods. It is ideal for babies who barely eat solid food or need to transition to solid foods. On the other hand, whole milk is better suited for toddlers who eat healthy, balanced meals.

Why Choose HiPP Organic Stage 4 Formulas?

HiPP Stage 4 is a formula made with utmost care and attention to detail. It uses only the finest organic milk sourced from farms that operate according to strict organic farming guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the cows are kept humanely and grazed on natural meadows without chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides.

The cows are fed on a grass, hay, or grain diet to ensure that the milk produced is of the highest organic quality, rich in nutrients, and without harmful chemicals. HiPP Organic milk is an excellent choice for dairy food products, as it provides all the essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development.