Is Goat Milk Formula Safe?

By: Suzanne Renee' - June 17, 2024 - 16 Minute Read

Is Goat Milk Formula Safe? | The Milky Box

As a new parent, choosing the right baby formula can be overwhelming. Cow's milk formula has been the traditional choice for most parents, but goat milk formula is gaining popularity as an alternative. 

This raises questions about its safety and benefits. We understand that your child's health is your top priority, and it's crucial to understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of goat milk formula to make an informed decision.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of goat milk infant formula by addressing some common concerns. Specifically, we will answer the following questions: Is goat milk formula safe for babies, and are there any potential risks or side effects to consider? Let's delve into these questions.

Goat vs. Cow Milk: Differences

Let's explore the differences between goat and cow milk, including their micro- and macronutrient composition, milk protein and fat structures, and vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid levels.

Regarding feeding infants, goat's milk formula and cow's milk formulas are designed to provide the necessary ingredients for babies' bodies to grow and develop. These formulas aim to mimic the composition of breast milk as closely as possible.


Protein is an essential factor to consider. The ratio of casein-to-whey protein in cow and goat milk differs, and European formulas match the protein ratio of breast milk according to the baby's age.

Milk contains two main types of beta-casein protein: A1 and A2. Goat's milk is naturally A2 and is more suitable for sensitive stomachs. On the other hand, cow's milk is mostly A1 and can cause inflammation in some cases.

Goat milk's protein profile is similar to that of human breast milk because it does not contain A1 casein and does not produce BCM-7 during digestion. This makes goat milk safer for your baby's stomach and less allergenic. 

However, if your baby is allergic to cow's milk protein, they may also react to goat milk because of their similarities.


Another difference is that goat milk proteins form a softer and more easily digestible curd in the stomach. Cow milk, on the other hand, forms a harder curd that lies heavier in the stomach. This is another factor that can make goat milk easier to digest.


The fatty composition of goat milk resembles cow's milk, albeit with a few variations. Medium-chain fatty acids, more abundant in goat milk than long-chain in cow milk, enable the body to digest it more efficiently, resulting in a gentler effect on the digestive system.

Moreover, goat milk products contain more essential omega-6 fatty acids. However, this aspect is irrelevant to infant formula as the necessary composition is already fortified.

Cow vs Goat Milk Differences | The Milky Box

Goat Milk Formula Ingredients 

When selecting a formula for your baby, exercise caution and carefully scrutinize the ingredient list. To ensure proper nutrition, goat milk should be balanced with ingredients to replicate the composition of breast milk.

Each added ingredient is essential, and it is crucial to avoid formulas that contain harmful or extra ingredients such as refined sugar, corn syrup, or preservatives.

Goat milk closest to breast milk | The Milky Box

European Goat Milk Formula

To ensure that your baby gets the safest and best ingredients, we suggest choosing European baby formulas that follow strict standards and do not contain pesticides and GMOs.

Let's look closer at the ingredients list of some of our most recommended goat milk formulas so you can make an informed decision about your baby's health and well-being.

European Goat Milk Formula | The Milky Box

Ranking The Best European Goat Milk Baby Formula 

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect formula for your infant. We have invested significant time researching formulas, examining scientific studies, and reviewing ingredient lists to provide dependable recommendations based on the most current scientific discoveries in infant nutrition.

We encourage you to review our Product and Review Procurement Process to learn more about our criteria for rating each product.

Is Goat Milk Formula Safe? | The Milky Box

HiPP Organic Baby Formula 

HiPP Formula is a globally recognized and EU-certified brand. Every ingredient undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure it is processed perfectly. HiPP is committed to producing high-quality products that pass even the most stringent residue checks. 

In addition, the HiPP Organic Seal is awarded to each container that meets the highest standards.

HiPP Dutch Organic Goat Milk

HiPP Dutch is a premium infant formula carefully crafted using only the best organic skimmed milk from cows. This milk is enriched with essential nutrients for your baby's healthy growth and development. These nutrients include prebiotics such as galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which help to support your baby's digestive system.

In addition, HiPP Dutch also contains essential fatty acids, including DHA and ARA, which are necessary for brain and eye development. The formula is enriched with minerals and vitamins A, D, and C, essential for your baby's overall health and well-being.

HiPP Dutch Organic Goat Milk | The Milky Box

Holle Organic Baby Formula 

Holle is a leading brand in the European baby formula market with over 80 years of experience. Since 1933, it has been producing organic formulas of Demeter quality. Holle is available in over 40 European countries and is headquartered in Riehen, Switzerland.

Holle baby formula is free from chemicals and gluten. It also has no added sugar, GMOs, preservatives, wheat, soy, or nuts, making it a safe and healthy option for babies.

Holle offers 100% organic whole goat's milk formula for families with sensitive or allergy-prone babies. It doesn't contain palm or coconut oil, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an alternative to cow's milk formula.

Holle German Organic Goat Formula

Made with 99% organically grown ingredients, Holle Goat German Formula is a high-quality, EU-organized goat's milk formula enriched with vitamins and minerals to support your baby's development.

Holle German Organic Goat Milk | The Milky Box

Holle Dutch Organic Goat Formula

Holle Goat Dutch Formula contains nutrients similar to the German version, made with naturally occurring organic milk-based carbohydrates that keep your baby complete and balanced. It also provides vitamins and minerals to help your little one meet every milestone.

Holle Dutch Organic Goat Milk | The Milky Box

Jovie Organic Baby Formula 

Jovie baby formula brand in Europe was founded in 2018 by a team of experts with experience in goat milk infant formula. The team previously worked for Kabrita, a Dutch baby formula brand, before starting their own company to develop Jovie baby formulas, the next-level goat milk-based infant formula. Jovie is the first Dutch company to produce this type of baby formula.

Jovie Organic Goat Milk Baby Formula 

Jovie is a brand that provides pure, organic, whole-cream goat milk for infants and toddlers. This milk is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fatty acids (DHA & AA) that encourage brain and visual acuity, lutein that promotes eye health, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that improve fat absorption and digestibility, and prebiotics (galactooligosaccharides / GOS) that support bowel and immunity health.

Jovie Organic Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

Kabrita Baby Formula- EU

Kabrita is a company founded by moms. It provides a nutrient-rich Dutch goat milk formula that supports cognitive and physical development in babies and toddlers. The formula is easy to digest and sourced from pristine locations in The Netherlands. 

Produced by Ausnutria, a dairy industry expert with over 100 years of experience, Kabrita uses goat milk collected from over 50 affiliated goat farms in The Netherlands.

Kabrita Goat Milk Baby Formula

Kabrita Goat Milk Formulas are a gentle and nutritious option for infants and toddlers. It contains natural A2 milk proteins, DHA, ARA, and nucleotides to support healthy development. 

Kabrita sources milk from humanely raised goats in the Netherlands and follows strict European regulations. Its GMO-free formula limits antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and preservatives.

Kabrita Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

Kendamil Baby Formula 

Kendamil is a UK-based infant formula brand with over 58 years of experience. It's located in the English Lake District and is committed to providing traceable and sustainable nutrition from farm to formula.

Kendamil's scientists have formulated the most advanced and uncompromising recipes as close to breastmilk. Every can of Kendamil formula is handcrafted in-house, with ingredients sourced from 220 local organic farms.

Kendamil's formula contains high natural mammal fats and is palm oil-free and vegetarian-friendly.

Kendamil Goat Milk Formula 

Kendamil Goat is a natural infant formula made in Britain. It contains MFGM, prebiotics, and essential brain, eyes, and soft tissue development nutrients. This European formula is vegetarian and free of palm oil, fish oil, and harmful additives. The clean ingredients make it a pure and safe choice for your baby.

Kendamil Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula

Löwenzahn Organics is a renowned German brand that offers a premium range of organic baby food. Since its inception in 2016, the company has been committed to providing the highest-quality products that meet the latest nutritional standards. The brand prides itself on using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients, ensuring your baby gets the best.

What sets Löwenzahn Organics apart is its unique traceability system, which allows you to track the origin of every ingredient used in its baby food. This level of transparency guarantees complete trust in its production processes.

Löwenzahn Organic Goat Milk Formula

Löwenzahn Goat Milk formula exceeds EU standards by providing more essential nutrients, such as omega fatty acids (DHA and ARA in a 1:1 ratio), amino acids, and prebiotics, which aid in healthy development.

Löwenzahn sources its Omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) from algae oil, a more sustainable and tastier alternative to fish oil. Additionally, its formulas contain prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (GOS) similar to those found in breast milk, which help maintain optimal gut health and digestion in infants.

Löwenzahn Organic Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

Nannycare Baby Formula 

Nannycare infant formula is a famous goat milk formula in the UK, and it has been family-run for 30 years in New Zealand. It offers wholesome nutrition and easily digested A2 goat milk proteins, and it adheres to stringent ingredient sourcing. It is widely available throughout Europe and provides science-backed nutrition for all babies.

Nannycare is the first significant goat milk baby formula widely available in New Zealand and Europe. It uses only high-quality and locally sourced ingredients and stringent ingredient sourcing and provides science-backed nutrition for all babies.

Nannycare Goat Milk Baby Formula

Nannycare formulas are not certified as organic but comply with the rigorous European Union standards for baby formula. The regulations for European infant nutrition guarantee that all infants have access to a healthy, nutritious formula that supports their developmental and digestive needs.  

The farm-to-bottle process ensures that EU infant nutrition regulations have a system of checks and balances to ensure no traces of pesticides, chemical additives, or toxic ingredients.

Nannycare Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

Prémibio Baby Formula 

Prémibio is a French brand that is committed to offering only organic products. This organic company invests in ethical and sustainable practices with its partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. 

From the very beginning, Prémibio has aimed to provide nutritional excellence in a sustainable way that protects the environment. Each variation and stage of Prémibio products is precisely balanced to meet an infant's dietary needs with the right fats, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

Prémibio Goat Milk Baby Formula 

Prémibio Goat Milk Baby Formula offers a specially crafted organic infant milk formula made of goat's milk. Unlike other goat's milk formulas, Prémichèvre's formula is unique as it does not contain cow's milk ingredients, usually called "lactose." This makes it an excellent alternative for parents looking for a gentle formula on their baby's stomach.

Additionally, Prémibio Goat Organic Formula is made using only organic ingredients, which means it is free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or additives. The formula is also palm oil-free, making it ideal for parents concerned about their child's health and the environment. 

Furthermore, Prémibio Goat Organic Formula leaves out fish oil, a common ingredient in other infant formulas.

Prémibio Goat Milk Baby Formula  | The Milky Box

When is Goat Milk Formula Unsafe?

If your baby is diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy, it is essential to be aware that goat milk-based formula may not be a safe option for them. 

Although goat milk is often considered a substitute for cow's milk, it contains similar proteins that may cause allergic reactions in children allergic to milk protein. These reactions may range from mild symptoms such as hives, rash, and eczema to severe anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening.

It is crucial to consult with a pediatrician before introducing goat milk formula to your baby's diet. Your qualified health provider can help assess your baby's medical history, perform allergy testing, and recommend the best alternative formula to meet your baby's nutritional needs. 

They can also help you monitor your baby's health and advise you on recognizing and managing any allergic reactions.

When is Goat Milk Formula Unsafe?  | The Milky Box

Cow’s Milk Intolerance 

Lactose intolerance is a common condition that affects many people, including infants. If your baby is lactose intolerant, goat milk may be suggested as an alternative to cow's milk. This is because goat milk contains less lactose than cow's milk

However, it is essential to note that the difference in lactose levels between the two milk types is not always significant enough to make goat milk a suitable choice for lactose-intolerant babies.

The suitability of goat milk for your baby mostly depends on the severity of their intolerance. Some babies may tolerate goat milk better than others, while others may experience the same symptoms as they would with cow's milk. 

It is always recommended to check with your pediatrician before choosing any formula, especially if your baby has a severe case of lactose intolerance.

We suggest speaking to your medical professional before switching to this cow’s milk alternative.

Goat Milk for Lactose Intolerance?  | The Milky Box

When Can You Use Goat Milk for Babies?

Although goat milk formula may not be suitable for infants with milk protein allergies or severe lactose intolerance, it is generally considered gentler on most babies' stomachs. In some situations, goat milk formula can be highly beneficial for your little one.

● Your baby has mild to moderate lactose intolerance

Sensitive Systems


● Family history of food allergies

Gassy baby

● Your baby is not gaining weight or growing as expected with their current formula.

Always speak with your qualified medical professional before changing your baby's diet. They can help you determine the best course of action for your baby's health.

When Can You Use Goat Milk For Babies?  | The Milky Box

Goat Milk Baby Formula 

For families seeking a safe and healthy alternative to cow's milk, goat milk infant formula is an excellent choice. This alternative is especially beneficial for babies who have delicate digestive systems. Goat milk formula is considered gentler on the stomach than cow milk formula due to its unique composition.

At The Milky Box, we are committed to providing the highest-quality European goat milk formulas, specially formulated with all the essential nutrients your baby needs for optimal growth and development. Our formulas are carefully crafted to meet the highest safety and quality standards, so you can trust us to give your baby the best start in life.


Please be aware that this information is based on general trends in babies, and it is not medical advice. Your doctor should be your first source of information and advice when considering any changes to your child’s formula and when choosing your child’s formula. Always consult your pediatrician before making any decisions about your child’s diet or if you notice any changes in your child.

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients they need for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

Suzanne Renee' is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in the area of infant nutrition, dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of children. She started this journey as a foster parent. Suzanne has emerged as a strong proponent of the European baby formula and has become a full time writer of the subject. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking and going to church.

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