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Kendamil Formula: Introducing 800g Classic Formula

Kendamil is known worldwide for high-quality organic European infant formula made with locally sourced, clean ingredients enriched with essential nutrients to fuel your baby's physical growth and cognitive development.

The line of award-winning formulas continues with Kendamil Classic, which is now made with 800g of vegetarian nutrition.

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Comparing Kendamil Classic 900g VS Kendamil Classic 800g

Kendamil Classic, in all variations, offers the best British-sourced ingredients. Each stage provides high-quality, nutritionally complete European infant formula.

Kendamil Classic new vs old | The Milky Box

Kendamil Classic 800g

The origin of ingredients is the most significant difference between the Kendamil Classic and the Kendamil Organic. With less than 2% of the world's dairy farms certified organic, the Kendamil Classic line has the highest quality non-organic ingredients.

Whole Milk Fats 

Kendamil Classic includes whole milk as the primary ingredient and a source of fat in each stage. These unique ingredients provide a naturally creamy taste and reduced levels of vegetable oils, which form 100% of the fat content in many other baby formula brands.

By using whole milk Kendamil Classic includes naturally occurring MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) to mimic breastmilk as closely as possible.

Palm Oil Free

Kendamil Classic does not include Palm Oil. Leaving out this ingredient increases nutrient absorption and positively impacts the world your little one will grow up in.

Kendamil has never used palm oil in its formulas and has even petitioned the UK government to ban it altogether.

Plant-Based DHA 

Kendamil Classic 800g sources Omega 3 from plants from sustainably farmed marine algae, avoiding the fish oil found in most formulas, lowering allergen risks, and contributing to the positive environmental impact, a top priority for this European company. 

Vegetarian Baby Formula 

Kendamil is uniquely Vegetarian friendly due to the Omega 3 from marine algae and Prebiotics sourced from plants and avoiding animal rennet in all production processes. 

Soy-Free Baby Formula

The plant-based ingredients used to form complete nutrition in Kendamil Classic will never include harmful soy ingredients (no soy oil, soy lecithin, and soy protein).

Red Tractor Certified

The Kendamil Classic range has been awarded the 'Red Tractor accreditation. This rigorous certification process ensures the highest quality ingredients.

Red Tractor also guarantees traceability from processing and transporting from the farm to the package. Red Tractor has a set of unparalleled certification criteria that are frequently monitored, including animal welfare, hygiene, farmer training, and manufacturing

Kendamil Classic: Baby Formula Most like Breastmilk

Kendamil Classic is designed to support each stage of babies' development. All three stages are precisely balanced to reflect the natural changes in breast milk over time.

🍼 Kendamil Classic Stage 1 for infants starting at birth

🍼 Kendamil Classic Stage 2 for older babies starting at 6 months

🍼 Kendamil Classic Stage 3 for toddlers starting at 12 months

Stage 1 vs. Stage 2

The main difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 is the whey: casein ratio.

Stage 1 is 60:40, and Stage 2 is 40:60. This gradual change reflects the natural changes in breast milk and helps prepare your little one for weaning. 

Stage 2 milk also contains higher Lactose and less fat.

Stage 2 vs. Stage 3

The move from follow-on milk to toddler milk is designed to support your little one's transition from infant formula products towards a whole foods diet.

Stage 3 formula contains more protein, calcium, and phosphorous than Stage 2 and has a whey: casein ratio 80:20.


Serving families for over 60 years, Kendamil has a long and dependable history of producing the highest quality formulas available.

The Milky Box is proud to carry each variation and stage of Kendamil baby formulas. Contact our European formula specialists to find the perfect fit for your baby's digestive and developmental needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refrigerate Kendamil milk? 

Kendamil does not recommend storing pre-prepared bottles of milk in the fridge. Once the powder has been added to the hot water, the bottle will be suitable for 2 hours.

After this time, any leftover product should be discarded.

Why is Kendamil milk 'frothier'?

Kendamil formulations are made using natural whole milk rather than a combination of skimmed milk, bulking agents, and cheap vegetable oil substitutes that are common with other manufacturers; this can cause a foamy or frothy look. We suggested mixing the formula rather than shaking, which should reduce the amount of foam. 

Why does Kendamil include a natural prebiotic?

Kendamil Classic formula includes Prebiotics to improve your baby's healthy gut bacteria and absorption, leading to improved immunity, enhanced metabolism, reduced inflammation, and even better cognitive function.

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