HiPP Organic Baby Formula

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HiPP Baby Formula

Experts in infant milk develop HiPP Baby Formula HiPP milk formulas based on the latest scientific findings.  A unique combination of reduced protein content, prebiotics, probiotics, and organic quality set a foundation for each container of HiPP premium milk. Each stage then adds a unique blend of powdered organic milk, organic vegetable oils, and essential vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, vitamin K, and vitamin C. 

German’s number one formula brand is apart from US and other European brands 

in ingredients.HiPP uses natural lactic acid culture (probiotics), the same form extracted from real breast milk, to bring your baby a formula that comes one step closer to the perfect nutrition. These natural components support healthy gut flora, which is important for a healthy immune system!

HiPP baby formulas are designed to meet the needs of all infants by offering various specialty formulas (Comfort, Anti-Reflux, and Hypoallergenic/HA) and country versions (German, Dutch, and UK) to meet all requirements. All HiPP formulas are staged by age to best meet your little one's nutritional needs as they grow up from newborns through the toddler years.  

HiPP Brand History

HiPP International is a pioneer in organic farming and infant nutrition. HiPP is the largest processor of organic-biological raw materials worldwide. 

The HiPP legacy started In the second half of the 19th century, Grandfather Joseph Hipp (1867 – 1926), who came from Günzburg an der Donau, worked in a bakery and candle shop in Pfaffenhofen a need a way to help his wife find a way to feed their twins. 

As a creative baker, this was not too difficult for him. He baked rusks and made his own rusk flour. He enriched the milk with rusk flour, which became much more filling. Due to this thoughtful concoction, the twins, as did the subsequent children, survived and thrived. Joseph Hipp produced rusk flour for other infants, and it was still available on the German market well into the 1970s.

Continuing in the family business, Georg Hipp decided to manufacture infant nutrition for older babies ready to wean to solids. In the late nineteen fifties, HiPP introduced the first types of baby food in tins until upgrading to the much handier and hygienically safe jars in 1959/60. The HiPP product range quickly expanded from juices to junior food and meat preparations, from children’s desserts to children’s menus and whole-grain fruit paps.

As the HiPP family started the first industrial production of baby food, cultivating fruit and vegetables on natural soils and without chemicals became an important standard. Impressed by the idea of the Swiss pioneer, Dr. Hans Müller, the founder of organic-biological farming, joined HiPP to produce healthy and tasty baby food from organic raw materials. Together they developed the idea of organic farming further, step by step.

As a pioneer of organic farming, Claus Hipp traveled from farmer to farmer to raise awareness. Gradually he convinced the farmers of his idea and built a network of organic farm contractors. The organic methods and practices that have proven successful are now applied at the 8,000+ organic farms that supply HiPP with raw organic materials. 

HiPP Formula: European Organic & HiPP Organic Seal

Organic certification is defined by regulations for organic food starting at the farm and following through the retail market. EU rules and guidelines ensure organically certified infant formulas follow a strict system of checks and balances at every level, including farmers, retailers, seed suppliers, and food processors. HiPP Organic Baby Formulas lines are guaranteed authentic by the European Union. 

  • Only using untreated seeds
  • Preventive measures used to protect plants
  • Keeping livestock according to breed and species
  • Prohibiting the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers
  • Hormones are prohibited, and antibiotics are only permitted when necessary for animal health

Renounced worldwide, EU-certified formulas are verified to be free of GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, and aromas or flavor enhancers. Support ingredients are typically fortified vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids necessary to support your child's physical growth and cognitive well-being. They are designed to be as close to nature as possible. 

Even more stringent, precise, and reliable is HiPP Organic Seal.  Each and every HiPP baby product goes through up to 260 safety checks. Many of these tests are carried out by independent certification institutes. HiPP goes far beyond the statutory requirements and international rules on organic farming. It is clear why parents depend on HiPP to provide families with guaranteed safety. 

HiPP formula experts work closely with local organic farms to establish the best cultivation of land, soils, and seed, from cereal grains to vegetables and each animal’s milk. This special care and attention continue through the growing process to the harvest and delivery. 

Only when laboratory tests prove that each ingredient is perfect are the ingredients released for processing. The result of all this effort is high-quality organic baby food that has passed the most arduous residue checks. Then and only then does each box, container, or jar receive the HiPP Quality Seal. 

  • "I vouch for this with my name,” Stefan Hipp is quoted as saying on the HiPP Organic Seal; with continuous monitoring of quality parameters, HiPP ensures that parents can rely on his promise.

HiPP Formula Stages

HiPP formula’s thoughtful design does not end with organic certification. True to the European style, each HiPP baby formula classification is according to the nutritional stage as well as the age of the baby. They are constructed to mirror breast milk’s three different and distinct stages: colostrum, transitional milk, and mature milk. Quantities of specific vitamins and minerals become more or less critical during particular periods of development, as do energy requirements.

HiPP Infant Formula

The early days of life demand nutrition that matters. HiPP infant formulas offer two stages suitable from birth. HiPP Stage Pre and HiPP Stage 1 have composition to support the first 100 days of life and beyond. 

Stage PRE is specially formulated for the first six months of life. "PRE" does not refer to "preemie" or premature babies. Instead, these early-stage formulas are ideal for supplementing or used as a complete source of nutrition for exclusive formula feeding. The carbohydrate source in HiPP formula stage PRE is lactose (milk sugar), the primary carbohydrate source in breast milk.

Stage 1 infant formula contains easy-to-digest whey from cow's or goat's milk. Perfect as your infant’s sole source of nutrition or as supplementary feeding for a breastfed baby. HiPP formula stage 1 includes mild organic starch added to lactose to help make the formula more creamy and filling.

The main difference between HiPP Formula Stage PRE and Stage 1 is that organic lactose is the only source of carbohydrates in Stage PRE.

HiPP Follow-On Formula

  • Follow-on formulas add crucial micronutrients for babies over six months old. This HiPP formula stage is intended to be used alongside breastmilk or in addition to a newly formed solid food diet. 

Stage 2 has higher iron levels, often added in the form of iron sulfate, which becomes especially important for little ones beginning around six months. Second-stage HiPP Formula follow-on milk is marketed for hungrier babies and contains more casein protein.

In the HiPP German formula line, Stage 3 is also considered a follow-on formula. HiPP UK and HiPP Dutch lines, only Stage 2 is produced as a follow-on formula. 

HiPP Toddler Formula

  • Toddler formulas are nutritionally balanced for children ages 12 to 36 months. At this stage, ingredients complement the transition to a complete solid food diet.  

Stage 3 has slightly more calories and fat but slightly fewer carbohydrates compared to the previous stages. In this stage, families will find nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, and folic acid, which combine to support bone development and a healthy immune system. HiPP formula stage 3 has more nutrients than whole milk.

Stages 4 toddler milk are recommended as part of a balanced, solid food diet. Perfect to be mixed with foods like cereals or mashed fruit to provide your little one with additional nutrients. 

Most Stage 3 is suitable for ten months, and Stage 4 is for toddlers from 12 months onwards.

Kindermilch is literally translated as “children's milk” and is HiPP formula Germans version of toddler formula. Kindermilch for one year and up Kindermilch 1+ is intended for toddlers 12-24 months, and Kindermilch 2+ is designed for toddlers over 24 months. 

HiPP Baby Formulas Versions

HiPP's formula lines vary depending on the region. HiPP German, HiPP Dutch, and HiPP UK. To ensure that parents can access organic milk that suits their baby's needs, HiPP adapts the compassion in each formula according to country-specific regulations. 

Families can feel confident in each formula range, knowing that your baby’s HiPP formula will be certified via EU regulations and HiPP Organic Seal. 

HiPP Ingredients

HiPP formulas are based on organic cow’s or goat's milk and have supporting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, which are balanced for each stage to keep proper infant and toddler nutrition.

Common ingredients that can be found across HiPP formula include oils that are organic and sustainably sourced. Each formula uses a perfect composition of organic sunflower, palm, and rapeseed oil. 

Carbohydrate sources include organic milk from farms that adhere to organic farming regulations as well as starch or maltodextrin. Micronutrients include fish oil, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, zinc sulfate, and natural lactic acid bacteria.  

HiPP Organic Formula UK 

HiPP UK is sourced and manufactured in Germany and packaged in the UK. The base of this formula is organic skimmed milk from cows. Each organic stage also contains prebiotic fiber derived from lactose, contributing to healthy intestinal flora growth. HiPP UK is starch-free and does not contain probiotics. 

HiPP UK Formula Stages:

HiPP Organic Formula Dutch Version

HiPP Dutch is sourced and manufactured in Germany and then packaged in the Netherlands. The base of this formula is organic skimmed milk from cows. HiPP Dutch Organic contains prebiotic fiber derived from organic lactose and is enriched with lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®, natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk. HiPP Dutch is starch-free and has a combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

HiPP Dutch Formula Stages:

HiPP Organic Formula German Version

HiPP German is made and packaged in Germany. The base of the formula is organic skimmed milk from cows with the addition of scratch in later stages as an additional carbohydrate source. This combiotic formula contains prebiotic fiber derived from organic lactose natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk! HiPP German has two starch-free options ( PRE & No Starch Stage 2). All stages have a combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

HiPP German Formula Stages:

HiPP Speciality Baby Formulas

HiPP formula is set apart from other European brands compared to other formula manufacturers, such as Holle formula and Kendamil Organic by offering unique nutrition designed for babies with a range of issues, including colic, constipation, gassy baby, reflux, and babies with a family history of allergies.  

HiPP Comfort

The HiPP Comfort Special Formula contains unique ingredients that have been shown to impact the most sensitive digestive function favorably.

Hydrolyzed proteins are used so infants have significantly fewer gastrointestinal symptoms. HiPP Comfort has reduced lactose which can help limit inflammation in the gut, benefiting infants that suffer from colic, flatulence, and constipation. The particular fat structure is close to that found in breast milk and reduces the formation of calcium soap, and provides for soft baby stool and less constipation. HiPP Comfort is perfect for birth on up. Containing a combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

HiPP Anti-Reflux

HiPP Anti-Reflux formula is designed to aid babies that currently endure acid reflux and regurgitation from birth. Naturally thickened with locust bean gum to decrease regurgitation and can raise your infant’s quality of life. Locus gum from carob fruit is a natural thickener and a valuable natural dietary fiber to ensure micronutrient absorption and ease of digestion. HiPP Reflux can be used for birth. This unique formula contains natural probiotics.


HiPP HA Combiotic formulas support your babies’ intestinal microbiome to strengthen the immune system and reduce or prevent allergies. Based on extensively hydrolyzed cow milk proteins that are less likely to be perceived by your little one's body as invading, designed with years of research in partnership with specialists worldwide.

HiPP HA Combiotic Stage PRE is starch free. All stages have a combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

HiPP HA Formula Stages:

HiPP Organic Goat Milk Formula

HiPP Organic Goat Milk contains naturally gentle A2 milk protein. Like human milk, A2 milk contains a beta-casein with proline at position 67 of the amino acid chain, while A1 milk has histidine at this position. Goat milk protein variation is responsible for releasing a protein fragment that seemingly improves the tolerability of A2 milk compared to A1 milk7. Organic goat milk formula is perfect for sensitive tummies that have trouble with digestion. HiPP Dutch Goat Milk A2 formula contains natural prebiotics.

HiPP Dutch Goat Milk Formula Stages:

Why Families Love HiPP Baby Formula

HiPP organic quality has been thoughtfully cultivated with decades of experience. Each formula does not just meet EU organic standards; they exceed them. HiPP works sustainably with nature, protecting bio-diversity and producing the best organic ingredients.

HiPP formula has distinct features that cater to even the most sensitive little ones. Organic quality is grown without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics—trusted nutrition by a trusted source.